Health & Care

This is a program that oversees and coordinates all the health services provided by the Botswana Red Cross Society. The Health and Care Department components are Malaria, Community Based Health and First AID, Tuberculosis, Measles and Polio, Health Emergencies, Voluntary non-remuneration Blood Donor services, Aviation and Pandemic Influenza / Humanitarian Pandemic Preparedness (H2P) and HIV& AIDS.

The programme is coordinated in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Local Government in providing services through a wide pool of Volunteers in health promotion, community sensitization, awareness and education of health issues. Care and support is provided for the vulnerable ranging from Orphans and Vulnerable Children and their families, the disabled and the sick.

Peer Education

The program equips youth with information and skills to prevent HIV through Sexual and Reproductive Health Education. Youth share information and experiences in promotion of abstinence from sex and development of safer sex practices and health seeking behaviors and this is done mostly through sessions in schools. Peer Education also targets other groups at high risk of infection like Sex workers and Truck drivers. The program also targets the general community in Kgotla meetings, Clinics and Workplaces.


This aspect is geared towards providing youth with skills in assisting them on Sexual Reproductive health (SHR) issues. The programme focuses mainly on peer educators on community level. They engage in activities that promote healthy behavior such as dramas, jam sessions and health talks, targeting different age groups within their communities. As the main objective is to stop the spread of HIV especially among youth, they are responsible for condom distribution in their areas as well.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Program

The Program provides psychosocial support to Orphans and Vulnerable children. OVCs are empowered with life skills to help them survive the challenges they go through. Support and guidance are provided through mentorship, memory work, Hero work and Kids clubs. Volunteers take it upon themselves to care for the children through home visits, which help in identifying special needs of each child and refer them accordingly.

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