Branch Development

This is a Botswana Red Cross Society programme that recruits volunteers without consideration of race, sex, class, religion or political beliefs. It pursues a widespread of popular membership – community mobilization. Branch development's focus is on recruitment, revival and capacity building of branch volunteers both in the cooperate world and at community level.

Members and volunteers should be recruited at their own free will without expecting any payment. Volunteers are not expected to work for more than 10 hrs a week. The principle of volunteerism is still of value to the thinking and planning of Red Cross for community needs.

Purpose of the Branch

  • Create an understanding between the community and its members
  • Retain active members and volunteers at local level
  • Provide humanitarian services in a more professional way
  • Understand and disseminate the Red Cross Fundamental Principles

How Branches achieve their Purpose

  • Continuous recruitment of members
  •  Election of executive committee according to the constitution
  • Register with Botswana National Red Cross Society Headquarters
  • Ensure that members meet the Red Cross responsibilities and address specific community needs
  • Implement policies and procedures contained in Societies constitution, as established by the National Council of the Society
  • Abide by the National Society code of conduct

Characteristics of a Well Functioning Branch

  • A well functioning branch has membership who has registered with National Headquarters
  • Has 40 or more registered members
  • Elected committee according to BRCS constitution
  • Seeks to ensure that membership and leadership are true reflection of the general public
  • A well functioning branch make special efforts to attract and involve the youth
  • Avoids domination by governing body, one person or a group
  •  Should avoid exclusion of certain persons or groups from membership
  • Decision making should be widely shared with provision for consultation and a wide expression of views
  •  Should have committed leaders with necessary skills and should ensure regular succession of leaders
  • A well functioning Branch engages sufficient number of properly qualified persons to carry out services
  • Taps on professional advice and expertise beyond its membership
  • Recruits volunteer from all sections of the community including the vulnerable people it assists

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