Community Based Rehabilitation

Botswana Red Cross Society has three Rehabilitation Centres in Botswana namely Tlamelong Rehabilitation Centre in Gaborone, Sefhare Stimulation Centre and Tshimologo Stimulation Centre. The Rehabilitation Centre offers two services; therapy for students at the Centre and Community Based Rehabilitation for people living with disabilities. Therapies offered are; Occupational and physical Therapy while the stimulation Centres offer stimulation services for children with special needs and those that live with disability.

Tlamelong Rehabilitation Centre

This is a non-profit making organization that solely depends on donations built by the Botswana Red Cross society in 1974 to improve the quality of lives of people living with disabilities. As the name suggests, in Setswana Tlamelong means "caring for people" hence the centre's objective to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities through helping them reach their potential and consequently play fulfilling roles in their communities. Through Rehabilitation services offered at the centre, learners subsequently learn to become independent in activities of daily living, or increased physical and motivational capacities.
Tlamelong Rehabilitation centre trains approximately 30 young adults aged between 18 and 30 from all angles of Botswana who live with physical disabilities. The Centre offers a two year programme that includes Vocational Instruction in Textile, Cookery and Horticulture. Simultaneously, literacy classes and short educational classes are provided to help open new opportunities. All trainees receive physical rehabilitation and medical treatment where necessary.

"Tlamelong is committed to securing equal opportunities in all areas of life for people living with disabilities."

Objectives of Therapy

To promote early stimulation and integration of disabled children in to the Society and other referral sources. The BRCS Community Based Rehabilitation is based on the community development concept i.e.; when individuals with disabilities are empowered to take action so as to improve their own lives, they become contributors, they are also integrated in to the community by involving the community, care giver and the disabled individual.

Aims of Community Based Rehabilitation are;

  •  Promoting awareness, self-reliance and responsibility for Rehabilitation in the Community
  • Building Human Resource in the Community including people living with disabilities, their families and the community members.
  • To encourage the use of simple methods and techniques which are acceptable, affordable and appropriate to the local setting.
  • To use existing local organizations and infrastructure to deliver services, especially primary health care.

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