BRCS was established in 1948 a branch of the British Red Cross. On the 1st March 1968, the BRCS was formally established as a National Society by an Act of Parliament (CAP 64:01) and given auxiliary status to the government of Botswana.

BRCS is NOT an NGO It is a National Society (NS) that was constituted on the basis of International and Domestic Law by virtue of the Government being signatory to the Geneva Conventions. The mandate of the BRCS as stipulated in the Act is to complement Government work on Health, Social Services and Disaster Management. The BRCS forms part of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies which is the largest humanitarian network operating in 190 countries

    Our Branches

    The role of auxiliary to the public authorities means

    The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) makes up the Red/Crescent Societies. The National Societies are found in 190 countries and have been accorded auxiliary status to their State Parties (Governments) in the humanitarian field State parties are signatory to the Geneva Conventions and additional Protocols.

    • National Societies carry out their activities in conformity with their own statutes and National Legislation in pursuance of the mission of the Movement and in accordance with the (7) Seven Fundamental Principles.
    • National Societies support the public authorities in their humanitarian tasks according to the needs of the people of their respective countries. National Societies are viewed as reliable partners to their state parties. Partners who will provide service based on its unique capacity to rapidly mobilize considerable human and material resources, including at the community level and comprising volunteers
    • As member of the International Conference of Red/Crescent Movement, Governments participate directly in the framing of movement policies and legal frameworks. This gives the Red Cross/Red Crescent the predictability and transparency towards the States which may not always exist with other organizations.
    • The 28th International Conference accepted the concept of a “balanced relationship” between Governments and National Societies.

    Our Mission

    “To alleviate human suffering by providing humanitarian services to most vulnerable communities”

    Our Vision

    “To be a model of excellence in serving the vulnerable”


    • Efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery,
    • Transparency and openness at all levels,
    • Botho in dealing with internal and external customers,
    • Quality service
    • Honesty

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